Frequently Asked Questions:

How you do play this game?

The game is pretty straightforward once everyone has joined a game - simply follow the onscreen prompts. Starting can be a little tricky. One person in your group will need to hit "Host Game", and everyone else will hit "Join Game". Then the host will be provided a three letter code, like "LDR", "EWT", etc. The other players will then need to use that code so that everyone is part of the same game. 

Can you tell me more?

We don't want to spoil the secrets in the game, but the knight characters will need to perform a series of three challenges to win the admired Lady/Gentleman/Gentleperson's heart. Each challenge involves face-to-face interaction and the capabilities of your smartphone.

If there are no ads and the game is free, how do you make money?

Someday there might be additional pocket conspiracies available as in-app purchases, but right now building and maintaining the app is just a hobby. Jubilee will always be free.